I work for SahajSoft, building simple solutions for complex problems.
I learn new technologies by developing libraries or apps which are fun to write / solves problems.
I blog on Technical topics, General thoughts & Nutso ideas to share my experience and opinions.

Some of My Personal Projects

Dots & Squares

Android game

An implementation of classic two player game. This project started as way to learn adroid game development. It ended with better user experince compared to other implementations on android.


Mocking library for Python

Simple and powerful mocking framework for python. It has spies and extensible assertion matchers inspired by jasmine BDD framework. Your python code will dance to your test code.


Write less js code

This javascript library provides lambdas and a syntactical sugar similar to &:symbol in ruby. The lambda provided by this library follows the proposed ES6 syntax called as arrow functions


I have shared my personal projects code on github. Hope something will be useful for you. Your feedback is welcome :)